9 More Tips For Better Online Writing For Info Pros

Marketing Strategy Starter Session Consult

Top Tips for Easier, Better, Clearer Online Content for Info Pros All organizations – for profit or not for profit – need an online presence and written content is at the heart of this presence. What this means is that you now have to put on your writing hats, even if you’ve never done much […]

Very Successful Library Marketing + Communications Conference

LMCC15 networking lunch

I’m so proud to have been on planning team for the 2015 LMCC (Library Marketing + Communications Conference) It was a busy end of summer fall! Client projects, websites in development, working on creating courses, starting some marketing coaching, and doing my bit to prepare for the exciting  Library Marketing and Communications Conference, in the […]

Every Day is Independence Day – For Some

July 4th – Time to Celebrate Your Freedom and Independence! We’ve always been an independent minded nation. It’s at our core. Our very foundation. There’s been much to celebrate lately for those believing in individual freedoms, and still a way to go for fully equal freedoms. We’re also more than ever a nation of independent […]

Spring Presentations on Marketing for RUSA + AIIP

Conference Season Brings More Marketing Presentation Opportunities I’m a rare introvert who likes public speaking. I will  jump at the opportunity to give a speech or presentation, lead a workshop, teach a class, host a webinar or otherwise get in front of an audience and share great ideas. It’s unusual – but for a marketing […]

Marketing + Promotion for AIIP15 Conference in Irvine

AIIP15 Conference Video Marketing Promotion

Work as Director of Marketing for AIIP Keep Me Busy! Wow it’s a busy winter! It’s cold and frozen everywhere. Boston just keeps getting pelted with snow. My friends and colleagues in Chicago are frozen like icicles and even the Texans are getting cold fronts galore. We get a mix of all of the above […]

Attended PADLA for Latest in e-Learning

PA Distance Learning Association 2014 Conference – Trends & Tools I wanted to brush up on my online or e-learning knowledge, see the latest trends, research and tools – so when a colleague offered me a very low price ticket to the PADLA Conference I took it. West Chester University hosted the PADLA [Pennsylvania Distance […]

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