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Public Speaking OpportunitiesI am available to speak on a variety of topics related to marketing, communications, PR, outreach and events for libraries, nonprofits, associations and as applied to individuals and small businesses.

Having spent years in academia and once on track to be a professor, I also have instructional design training and experience leading seminars, workshops and teaching classes.

I love to do face-to-face seminars and workshops as well as webinars and online courses. My flexibility means together we can design the speaking or training engagement that fits your needs, schedule and budget.


Who I Work With/Speak To:

  • Public, Academic, Special and School Libraries
  • LIS Programs, CE programs
  • Library Associations, Information Professional Associations or trade groups

Speaking Fees:

Fees are flexible and situation dependent. They vary according to whether you want a new, custom created presentation or an edited and personalized version of one I’ve already created. The length of the talk also matters – 60-90 minute talks cost less than ½ day workshops (because of the time, resources and research to create or modify appropriately). Travel costs or expenses are negotiable (I travel pretty cheaply, but I do ask you to cover basic expenses to/from your event, conference or library).

I will give a discount if you are able to have me do more than one talk or workshop at the same location or event.

I know how tight budgets are for libraries, nonprofits and associations so I want to work with you to deliver valuable educational content at a reasonable price for you and adequate compensation for me. So let’s talk about how we can work together!

public speaking topics from IntelliCraft ResearchSpeaking Topics (include, but not limited to):

  • Marketing Planning – sample plans or creating new from scratch
  • Strategy in Marketing – great strategy comes before cool tactics
  • Branding and Unique Value Propositions
  • Design for Non-Designers
  • Build Better Collateral – flyers, brochures, posters, signage, etc
  • Content Marketing – building your brand and your organization through Content Marketing; What is Content Marketing
  • Content Creation – writing for the web, blogging, audio and visuals, video, social media; repurposing + resuse of content
  • Basics of writing better copy when you’re not a copywriter
  • Video Marketing – storytelling for video; tech basics that are budget friendly; Video Marketing Made Easy
  • Email Marketing – including writing emails for more engagement, keeping in touch with your interested audience; using email technology and automation for less work; building your email list; staying safe with the rules and guidelines of good email
  • Storytelling for Marketing
  • Psychographics of Marketing
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • First Impressions Matter – in Marketing and More

Don’t see a topic here that you were looking for? Contact me – your desired topic may be in my arsenal or up my alley. And after all, I’m an info pro – I can research it!


podium for public speaking Past Presentations, Workshops and Quick Takes:

Strategy First Marketing –

Strategy First! Marketing Foundations for Success – for TBLC (Tampa Bay Library Consortium), 1/2 day workshop, 2018.

Marketing Fundamentals – Putting All the Puzzle Pieces Together– for MLS (Massachusetts Library System) – 1/2 day workshops, 2018

Strategy First Marketing – a webinar for MLS, part of series in 2018

“Help! I Need to Market My Library NOW! Busting myths and putting strategy first” – Summer LMC (Library Management Conference), Philadelphia, 2015

“Strategy First Marketing” – ½ day intensive workshop for AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals), Baltimore, MD, 2014

“Strategy First: Common myths and mistakes in planning library marketing and how to avoid them” – ALCOP (Association of Library Communications Professionals), Philadelphia, 2013

Content Marketing for Libraries –

“Don’t Interrupt, Attract! How Content Marketing Is the “Hidden Engine” of the Marketing Cycle” – LMCC (Library Marketing and Communications Conference), 2017

“What Is Content Marketing – Should my library use it?!?” – paid webinar for members of ALA’s RUSA division, 2015

“What is Content Marketing and why aren’t you using it?!”   – Library Communications Conference, Mt. Laurel, NJ, 2014


Video Marketing + Storytelling –

“Library Stories on Video” – 2.5 hour workshop, for TBLC, 2018

“Library Stories on Video” – 60 min presentation, CILDC (Computers in Libraries Conference, D.C.), March 2017

“Nuts, Bolts and F-Stops – a Video Workshop” – 1/2 day interactive workshop, CILDC, March 2017

“Nuts, Bolts and F-Stops – a Video Workshop” – 1/2 day interactive workshop, LILRC, (Long Island Library Resources Council) May 2017

“Nuts, Bolts and F-Stops: The Nitty Grity of How to Make a Video” – LMCC (Library Marketing and Communications Conference), Dallas, 2016

“How to tell your library’s story with video, on a shoestring budget” – LMCC (Library Marketing and Communications Conference), Dallas, 2015

Marketing Tools –

“25+ Tools in 40 Minutes” – CILDC, March 2017

“Business Tools in the Cloud” –  quick tips session, AIIP conference, Pittsburgh, PA, 2016


Referral Marketing –

“Referral Marketing: Building Your Well-Oiled Machine” – AIIP, Irvine, CA, 2015

The Entrepreneurial Mindset –

“Find Your Niche – Preparing for New Areas of Librarianship” – panel session at SLA (Special Library Association), presented by Science-Technology Division, Philadelphia, 2016

“Let Freedom Ring! Tips for Becoming an Independent Info Pro”  – SLA (Special Library Association) Quick Takes, Boston, 2015

Alternative Careers for Library and Information Professionals – Information Consulting as a Career Panel Discussion + Workshop, SLA – Philadelphia and Trenton, NJ Chapters, 2014