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Is Marketing Giving You a Headache?

Marketing can seem mysterious. Challenging. Maybe some days it even makes your eyes cross and water as you juggle goals, plans, tasks, staffing, resources and budgets.

Most librarians and info pros don’t have training or education specifically in marketing, PR or communications. You’ve had to learn on the job, on the fly and by the seat of your pants. Keeping on top of trends, statistics, tools, tactics, best practices and more in marketing and outreach is enough to give anyone a library-sized headache.

Jennifer Burke of IntelliCraft Research, LLC has the tools, experience, background, training and services to make your marketing headache go away.

Strategy First Library Marketing

Library Marketing StrategyLibraries need forward-facing, forward thinking and strategic marketing and communications plans. You know that you need to deeply understand your users and patrons – really get to know all you possibly can about them. Use informal research and observations, your own huge store of data and more formal market research. Strengthen your branding, present clear, compelling, consistent communications. Discover perceptions, manage expectations and adjust your communications and services to meet your users’ needs.

You’re already doing so much of that! Your collection is up to date. You monitor your circ stats. You talk with your patrons. You do regular surveys. You ask your library colleagues for tips. You’re sure that you are developing fantastic programming and services.

But does your community know your story?

Does it know the role you can play in their lives – personal, professional or academic? Are you efficiently communicating your story to key stakeholders in your community? Do they support you and sing your praises – and sign over the money come funding time? Could you pack more parents and kids into story time? More students into those core info literacy classes? A few more patrons at the pub for your latest book group? I’m sure you’d like all that and more!

You can achieve that through creative, collaborative consulting projects with Jennifer Burke of IntelliCraft Research. Let’s plan your communications success, train your staff on new marketing techniques, or evaluate your strategic plan.

Library Marketing Success Equation

So let’s talk today to see how I can help you and your library market smarter.


Done For You Marketing

flat-round-icon-1402102846_laptopSolo librarian or solo info-entrepreneur? No time to learn all the latest tools and techniques, no staff to handle your communications and follow up? Just need a solution … right NOW?! How about Done-For-You Marketing!  Images, newsletters, copy-writing, blog posts, basic WordPress websites, videos, email marketing – you need it all, you need it now, and you just need me to do it for you. Ok! I can do that.  Here’s more information on the possible Done-For-You Marketing services offered at IntelliCraft Research. Also be sure to check out examples of the creative work I’ve done for my own business, nonprofit organizations and clients.


Teaching / Training / Workshops / Speaking

Speaking Training WorkshopsYou know how you always get the best results at the gym when you are able to have a personal trainer? Coaching and workshops on marketing are like that personal trainers. Sometimes you just need someone to show you the routines, plan a workout and then push you, hold you accountable. My workshops are similar.

I give you info, we model it, you get exercises,  we walk through them together, and I help you or your staff learn from these exercises. We can even arrange post-training check ins, but just like the gym, you have to do the heavy lifting and the homework to see the full results! Learn about the potential library marketing training topics we can build a pumped up routine for with your library or group.