Speaking-Presentations List

Jennifer Burke featured library event conference speaker

I Love Talking About Library Marketing!


Past Speaking Engagements Have Included

  • State, regional, or national library or information professional associations. Trade groups, and related conferences or summits
  • Library consortia or member groups
  • County or regional library systems
  • Classes –  college libraries, LIS programs, etc

List of Relevant Library Marketing Speaking Engagements

If your organization wants a more in-depth or custom webinar or workshop check out my training/workshops page, or contact me to set up a chat about what your organization needs for continuing education or development.


[90 min] Video for Libraries – Why Video is a Tool You Need for Telling Your Library’s Stories

[half-day pre-con workshop]  Crafting Copy – Writing for Persuasion and Marketing

[60-minute session]  Content Calendar – What Is It + Why It Makes Marketing Easier



[half-day workshops – presented each twice in different locations]

Lights, Camera, Action – the Nitty Gritty Details of How to Use Video for Library Marketing

Creating Compelling Copy – aka Persuasive Writing for Marketing

[90-min webinar]  PR + Media Relations 101 – PR as Part of Library Marketing, Setting Expectations for SuccessWant to know one of my biggest pet peeves about marketing? When the terms “PR” and “marketing” get confused, mixed up, and our practice and expectations get out of whack. Let’s fix that today! We will talk about the basics of PR (including building good media relations), its place in the marketing cycle, what PR can (and maybe can’t) do for libraries, best practices for the way media works today, basic elements for your PR toolkit, and how setting clear expectations for PR can lead to greater success.

  • LMCC (Library Marketing and Communications Conference) – Nov 2019 (MO)

President’s Program opening keynote – conversation with Nicole Fowles “Let Me Be Clear-Communicating with Consistency and Transparency”



  • MLS [Massachusetts Library System]  Winter/Spring 2018, Oct 2018  [webinar series + half-day workshops]

[half-day, in-person workshop] Marketing Fundamentals – Putting all the Puzzle Pieces Together  (including marketing basics, strategy, setting SMART goals, strategic storytelling, simple plans, content calendars and messaging)

[webinars – 60 minutes, done as part of series – participants could attend all or some, with some attending the hands-on, in-person workshops as well]

Marketing 101 – Back to Basics (March 2018)

Strategy First  (March 2018)

Marketing Plans Made Easy  (April 2018)

Content Calendars – Scheduling for Success (April 2018)

Strategic Storytelling as Marketing  (May 2018)

Crafting Copy aka Writing for Marketing  (May 2018)


  • TBLC [Tampa Bay Library Consortium] – Jan 2018 – [(2) half-day in-person workshops]

            How to Tell Your Library’s Story with Video

Strategy First: Build Your Library Marketing Foundation

[half-day pre-conference workshop]  Lights, Camera, Action! How to Tell Your Story with Video

[60-min session] Work Hacks – Tools We Need to Market and Run Our Businesses with Greater Ease

  • LIASA MAIG [Library + Information Association of South Africa,  Marketing + Advocacy Interest Group] – May 2018 – [webinar] Marketing 101 Back to Basics (including the marketing cycle, ‘old school vs new school’, common mistakes to avoid, terms to know, the classic Ps for marketing)
  • Amigos Library Services – Sept 2018  online conference, ‘Speak Up – Advocating for You and Your Library’ – [closing keynote] Strategic Storytelling as Advocacy and Marketing
  • LMCC (Library Marketing and Communications Conference)– Nov 2018 (MO) –

President’s Program opening keynote – marketing conversation with Cordelia Anderson

[60-min session]  Not Another Boring, Cluttered Flyer – Graphic Design Tips + Tools for Non-Designers

  • Guest lecture for Karen Robinson at U of Missouri (Nov 2018) – [90 min class/webinar]  Marketing 101- Back to Basics, Busting Myths + Setting up For Success



  • CILDC (Computers in Libraries, D.C.) – March 2017  [half day workshop, (2) 60-minute conference sessions]

[half-day pre-con workshop] Nuts Bolts F-Stops – Let’s Make Videos!

[60 min] 25+ in 40 Minutes – Top Marketing Tools for Library Pros

[60 min] How to Tell Your Library’s Story in Video

You’ve got your social media accounts, maybe a blog, some videos, and of course all the in-library marketing materials. You have content. But do you have a content marketing strategy? Let’s talk about the new paths of communications and how libraries can take advantage of content marketing. Have you made the shift from old-school “interruption marketing” to the new strategies of attract, engage, and listen? Let’s make sure you avoid common mistakes of content marketing! We’ll take the tactics you’re already using that are part of the content marketing cycle, and make them the “hidden engine” powering your library’s marketing cycle.



  • RUSA (Reference + User Services Association, Division of ALA) – April 2015  [60 minute webinar]  What is Content Marketing? Should My Library Use It?
  • AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals) – April 2015 (CA) Building Your Referral Marketing Machine
  • SLA (Special Libraries Association)  – June 2015 (Boston) [quick take, 20 minute presentation]
  • Library Management Conference – June 2015 (PA) [75-minute conference presentation]  Help! I Need to Market My Library Now. Busting Myths and Putting Strategy First

Libraries are recognizing the importance of planning, strategy and a variety of tactics for stronger outreach and communications to key audiences. However, most library professionals are not trained as marketers. This workshop is for those library managers or directors who need to ramp up their marketing and communication skills so they can more easily build sound plans for their libraries. The presentation describes, with an engaging approach, the most common mistakes that people make in developing their marketing plans and strategy, including the failure to prioritize strategy before tactics. We will cover setting goals, figuring out what to measure and some new tactics to try. The presentation includes examples of plans, tactics and content that libraries can use to build plans for their communities and users, as well as opportunity for interaction and questions.



  • Library Communications Conference – Oct 2014 (NJ)    [60 minute conference presentation]  What is Content Marketing + Why Isn’t Your Library Using It?

Content marketing is applicable well beyond the business world, but what can your library do to take advantage of this new way of communicating with core audiences? What is content marketing, and what is it not? What are common mistakes to avoid? Why are you probably not using this technique and why you should care? We will also cover the basics of a content strategy and the 6 types of content all organizations need to have in their creative tool kit. The presentation includes examples of strategies and content you can use for building content marketing plans as part of your outreach.

  • AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals)  – April 2014 (CO)  [half-day, pre-conference workshop] Strategy First, Then Tactics! Marketing Fundamentals for Info Pros

The workshop will cover, with an engaging approach, the most common mistakes that people make in developing their marketing plans, including the failure to prioritize strategy before tactics. Workshop includes: SMART goals, measure what matters, strategy (inc targeting, personas, schedules), basics of branding, tactical success (inc where does social fit, basics of PR, blogging, videos, and what other tools to add to your kit).


Some of the library organizations where I’ve been a speaker

Organizations I’ve Worked With/ Events Where I’ve Spoken:

CILDC (Computers in Libraries, D.C.)  AIIP (Association of Independent Information Professionals) Amigos Library Services  LMCC  (Library Marketing and Communications Conference)  LCC (Library Communications Conference)  LMC (Library Management Conference)  ALISE (Association for Library Science Education), ASIST (Association for Information Science and Technology), SLA (Special Libraries Association), ALA’s RUSA division, LILRC (Long Island Library Resource Council), MLS (Massachusetts Library System), TBLC (Tampa Bay Library Consortium), RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System), WVLS (Wisconsin Valley Library Service)


Additional Webinars

I ran my own monthly webinar series for library + info pro marketing under the MarketingToolTalk.com brand for 2 years (2017-2018). Topics covered included:

  • Social Media Metrics (April 17)
  • Planning and Productivity (May 17)
  • Design Tips and Tools (June 17)
  • Video Editing (Sept 17)
  • Video Animation (Oct 17)
  • Content Strategy (Nov 17)
  • Know Your Memes (Dec 17)
  • Surveys (Jan 18)
  • PR + Marketing – They’re not the same! (w/ special guest co-host) (Feb 18)
  • Infographics (Mar 18)
  • Instagram 101 (with special guest co-host) (Apr 18)
  • Content Calendars (May 18)
  • Busting Social Media Myths (June 18)
  • Photo Sources (Aug 18)
  • Social Media Success (w/ special guest co-hosts) (Sept 18)
  • Easy Graphics for Social and Web (Oct 18)
  • Crafting Compelling Headlines (Nov 18)
  • Ask Me Anything Marketing (Dec 18)