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    You really want more people filling up every story time or author talk, telling their friends about your innovative programs, using that new makerspace, sharing their success at finding lost relatives via your genealogy resources, donating to your fundraisers - and you KNOW that better, more strategic marketing is how you get there. But your marketing isn't THERE - yet.
  • ​Your staff has learned marketing 'on the fly' and 'on the job.' That's great! But they want to be a little less 'seat of the pants' and more coordinated, ​with even greater results. There's not enough time in the day to learn all you could. Where to start? [Start with me!
  • ​Social media has become confusing - again. You're sorting truth from rumors, and trying to figure out tools that make sense for your budget - not the big budget of the business next door.
  • ​You need show your board or outside stakeholders that ​you're aware of marketing tech and trends and ​are doing what makes sense for your organization. You need some more proof, backup, or answers to show ​them. 
  • ​You want marketing and communications training for ​your staff that is up-to-date, practical, no fuss, and won't sit on shelves gathering dust. Maybe even make it fun. My clients and students praise me for my real world, practical examples and say I'm humorous. Even more so when I've had enough coffee.

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​​Collaborative consulting - we work together to craft SMART goals and marketing plans that turn into action, not gather dust or sit in a drawer. Need a brand, signage, or marketing materials audit? Let's do it! 


​​You and your staff stay up-to-date, learn how trends, tactics, and tools from other industries can apply to you, and get training you can apply to your work right now. Let's build your team's marketing confidence now!


​​I love speaking about marketing, outreach, and advocacy at conferences, summits, or similar events at the local, regional, state or national level for library organizations of all sizes​. I'd love to speak at your next event!

Library Organizations I've Worked With

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What ​People Have Said About Me or My Work

  • ​​​"Best presentation of the conference. Lots of useful information!" 
  • ​"Hella good! Jennifer's session was so informative."
  • ​“Jennifer was very prepared and is an excellent public speaker. I walked away with a high-level understanding of content marketing.”
  • ​"Jennifer is amazingly skilled at keeping an audience entertained. She dealt with a technical problem with aplomb and grace. I could listen to her talk about paint drying."

Conference & Event Attendees

​Across variety of library conferences

"​​I just wanted to say thank you being our closing keynote at the Speak Out online conference. Honestly, you can never stress enough the importance of telling your story in marketing and advocacy. You did a great job and I appreciate all of the work you did to prepare for the session. I enjoyed working with you, and thanks again!"

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​Amigos Library Services 

​​It's Different Here

"Marketing" is NOT a bad word. Really, it's not! Can we just get that out of the way? 

​How about every time you see "marketing", we agree that we mean:

  • ​Increasing engagement
  • Community relations
  • Spreading the word 
  • Letting people know about ______
  • Outreach

And my favorite ... 

  • ​Telling stories

Because that's all good marketing really is - stories that inspire an action. I call them strategic stories. And together, we will be strategic storytellers for our organizations. 

​​Jennifer's ​Marketing Manifesto

I believe in the power of stories. Stories that inspire us. Stories rooted in strategy. And I believe in strategy turned to action. I bet you believe in those stories too.

I believe that marketing should never feel - or be -  pushy, slimy, or painful - it can even be fun! I believe the same should be true for training and mentoring on marketing. Training should be useful, actionable, and yes, FUN! It shouldn't cause headaches nor get tossed in a drawer as something for 'later.'

I believe in a different way to talk about marketing, PR, and communications for all types of nonprofit organizations, and especially for my library colleagues. 

​​Let's Have a Virtual Coffee Chat! 

My library colleagues and clients say I'm even more fun live than online! Tell me one of your best library mareketing stories, I may share a favorite marketing myth, and we'll get to know each other. 

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