IntelliCraft Research, LLC

 Independent Information Professionals.

We provide the business intelligence your company needs to always look smarter.

There’s so much information out there. Businesses can become overwhelmed trying to catch up. We know that you’re challenged to find the appropriate information to meet your particular needs, at the moment those needs arise.

As independent information professionals, we help define and solve those information needs. We access authoritative, vetted resources and then summarize, synthesize, analyze and organize the information you need to make smart decisions. Don’t you want a pro like that on your side?

Services and Expertise

Independent information professionals have experience in business, communications, marketing and more – plus the skills and training of the library, knowledge management and information science fields. We serve clients large and small, in a wide variety of fields: from engineering, science and pharmaceuticals, to market research, literature searching or archival research.

We use our training and background, along with specialized resources that are not commonly available to the general public, to find the information our clients need. These resources include high-powered, niche databases that yield market reports, industry profiles, demographic trends, and financial data. Other services include media tracking and monitoring, and bibliographic searches. This information will lead to smarter work, and an essential competitive advantage.

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