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Did you know there were at least 10?
And I bet you’re making at least 1 of those mistakes in your marketing right now!

Most organizations make marketing mistakes – including the biggest of allNOT having a strategy or plan in place first!

Is this you? Is this your library, information center or solo business?

Are you banging your head on your desk, again? Facing the challenges of a changing economy, unpredictable budgets, technology revolutions and a changing face of library users who still greatly need your services? Stressed because you KNOW you need to work on your outreach, your publicity, your signage, your promotions ……
your ‘MARKETING’!!

Is ‘marketing’ something you don’t really like the sound of? Do you put off doing it because it doesn’t ‘feel right’? Or you’re not really sure where to start? Do you associate marketing only with slick makeup ads in magazines, car commercials littering TV or flashy banner ads on the web? Are you worried that marketing is supposed to feel like pushing yourself or your organization on people, or ‘selling’?

It doesn’t have to be any of that for you! You don’t have to make the mistake of no plan! You CAN get help – with marketing consulting for libraries, info centers and information professionals – by someone who gets it all.

Marketing isn’t evil and doesn’t have to be hard, soul-sucking or a time drain. It’s actually the lifeblood of your organization and is the way you stay authentically connected to your users, patrons or clients. It’s communicating your story to the people who want and need to hear it.

Marketing is about creating and supporting relationships, building engagement, building trust and credibility. It’s helping customers compare options and make smart, informed decisions. Marketing is about giving resources and information to help your library’s patrons advocate to their town councils, county supervisors, state representatives and Governors about funding to support increased services.

So, you owe it to your audience of customers, patrons or users to communicate your awesomeness efficiently and effectively.

If the thought of getting a handle on your marketing gives you chills, or the words ‘strategic, integrated marketing plan’ give you a pounding headache – then give me a call! I ‘get’ libraries AND marketing because I’ve lived in both worlds. I speak your language. IntelliCraft Research is your dedicated marketing consultant for libraries.

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