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Busting 15 of the Biggest Social Media Marketing Myths

more social media myths smartphone computer screen

So Many Social Media Marketing Myths to Bust! As I was prepping for my monthly, free webinar series, and tackling a topic that was requested by popular demand – “social media myths” – I came across SO many articles, resources, and tips that I just had to share in a post. ok, two posts actually […]

Don’t Fall for These Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Marketing Myths

IntelliCraft Social Media Myths Busted Facebook Twitter Instagram

Check the Research and Don’t Fall for These Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter Marketing Myths Any Longer! The only constant in social media and marketing is change. Our favorite apps are constantly tweaking themselves.  The algorithms that drive what we see on the platforms change. What content is deemed ‘engaging, changes. The apps and tools we […]

More Than 10 Instagram Marketing Experts That Libraries Can Learn From

Instagram Marketing Tips for libraries from experts

How Would You Like to Learn Instagram Marketing from the Experts? First – a few Insta-facts for 2018. (In case you need to convince your boss that your library needs an Instagram account) Instagram has more than 800 million monthly active users. That’s double the active users of Twitter. 7 out of 10 hashtags used […]

Safely Using Images in Your Marketing Materials

How to Properly and Safely Use Online Images in Your Marketing Materials* *Caveat – INAL (I am NOT a Lawyer). This post does NOT substitute for sound legal advice; I am also not a copyright librarian, nor a copyright or intellectual property expert. Please, please consult additional help as needed.*   I was asked by […]

More Library Social Media Engagement

library social media engagement not about crowds of followers

Want More Social Media Engagement for Your Library? Do This! Social Media is NOT a Numbers Game Have you been hearing (or even quietly hoping) that the more followers you get, the more conversations you start, the more likes, shares, hearts, retweets or whatevers, that the more your social media work will pay off? Thinking […]

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