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The planning, goal-setting and strategy behind your library’s marketing efforts.

Mind-Mapping for Library Marketing Planning

mind mapping for library marketing

Have You Used Mind-Mapping in Your Library Marketing Planning? Try it! Many of us are visually-oriented and can benefit from organizing information in a visual manner. That’s one reason the sticky note marketing planning technique I’ve shown you can be so easy to grasp and put in practice. But what if you want to try […]

How to Do Simple Sticky Note Marketing Planning

get your marketing unstuck

Get Unstuck – 6 (ish) Simple Steps to Improve Your Library’s Content Planning Or, how to be like Nike and JUST DO IT and get your content marketing plans unstuck by using a simple, sticky note-based planning system with 6 (well, nearly) steps. There are plenty of reasons you may currently be stuck or stymied […]

Is Your Library’s Marketing Plan Stuck?

I think I know why your marketing and content planning may not be working the way it should. Why planning feels like a drag and a drain. I think maybe you’re stuck. I know there are lots of reasons that you may feel frustrated with planning out content, activities, materials and efforts for your library’s […]

Handling the 9 Sneaky Traps Even Smart Library Marketers Face

9 sneaky traps smart marketers face

Tips on How to Handle the 9 Sneaky, Common Traps Even Smart Library Marketers Will Eventually Face In my work, the tons of reading I do, my research on marketing, and my own challenges – I’ve discovered some patterns or common problems that nearly every marketer will encounter at some point. It doesn’t matter how […]

How to Get Your Library Into a Marketing Mindset

looking for your marketing mindset

How do you get your library into a marketing mindset? What is marketing, really? Many people say that they hate marketing Maybe because they think marketing is all about paid advertising, like those incessant drug ads on TV (and this from someone whose first career was as an ad exec for a pharma client!). Or […]

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