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The planning, goal-setting and strategy behind your library’s marketing efforts.

Handling the 9 Sneaky Traps Even Smart Library Marketers Face

9 sneaky traps smart marketers face

Tips on How to Handle the 9 Sneaky, Common Traps Even Smart Library Marketers Will Eventually Face In my work, the tons of reading I do, my research on marketing, and my own challenges – I’ve discovered some patterns or common problems that nearly every marketer will encounter at some point. It doesn’t matter how […]

SMARTer Marketing Goals for 2016

SMART goals sports metaphor

Let’s Make Sure You Are Setting SMART Marketing Goals for 2016 Welcome to 2016! Let’s make sure we are starting the new year off well. I recommend starting with a review of 2015 and what worked or didn’t go as planned, what efforts to concentrate more on and how on earth to know if 2016 […]