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Budget Friendly Recommendations for Making Library Marketing Videos

IntelliCraft Recommendations post budget friendly video marketing gear library marketing smartphone on tripod

Every Library Can Use the Power of Video for Storytelling and Strategic Marketing Here Are my Updated Budget-Friendly Recommendations for Gear, Equipment, Apps and Software These are updates to gear and tools that I have recommended in my many webinars and workshops on video basics over the last 5 years – keep checking back as […]

Attention Library Pals – Don’t Make Another Infographic Until You Read This

Don't make another library marketing infographic until you read this post

Why You Should Use Infographics to Tell Your Library’s Stories in Marketing Because numbers and stats are dry, boring, and readers skip right over them. . But a visual story told through numbers and facts, that relate to your audience, that’s powerful. You already have tons of data from your library, now make it work […]

Quick Visual Design Tips Anyone Can Use

quick graphic visual design tips for any library professional

Visual Design Tips Any Library Pro Can Use – No Graphic Design Experience Needed I’ve written about design tips before, and have two articles out in library marketing and/or info pro publications on infographics, AND you know I’m doing a webinar on infographics tools on March 8, 2018 – right? [Sign up now!]  So it’s […]

Gathering User Feedback-Polls Quizzes Survey Tools

library marketing research tools feedback surveys questions

How much do we really know about our library users and what they think of our marketing? You can always learn more if you use tools to help you easily create quizzes, polls, or surveys. Then gather feedback you can use to make your marketing and communications efforts better and more on target. The better […]

Roundup of Free Video Editor Alternatives to MovieMaker

IntelliCraft Research roundup list of free video editors

An Updated List of Free Video Editors: Software Alternatives to Windows MovieMaker Time to update the list of free video editors, because things have changed! I’ve written about video tools before, I include links to apps on my resources and Fave Tools pages, but darn if those software makers don’t keep changing or killing off […]

Mind-Mapping for Library Marketing Planning

mind mapping for library marketing

Have You Used Mind-Mapping in Your Library Marketing Planning? Try it! Many of us are visually-oriented and can benefit from organizing information in a visual manner. That’s one reason the sticky note marketing planning technique I’ve shown you can be so easy to grasp and put in practice. But what if you want to try […]

26 Reasons to Love Library Marketing (when you know these terms)

26 reasons A to Z to love marketing

Yes, You’ll Have at Least 26 More Reasons to Love Marketing After You Learn These Key Terms Just like there are tons of confusing terms and bits of jargon to in libraries, there are bunches of confusing marketing terms. So I thought I’d do something about that. First, here’s a brief A to Z list […]

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