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Budget Friendly Recommendations for Making Library Marketing Videos

IntelliCraft Recommendations post budget friendly video marketing gear library marketing smartphone on tripod

Every Library Can Use the Power of Video for Storytelling and Strategic Marketing Here Are my Updated Budget-Friendly Recommendations for Gear, Equipment, Apps and Software These are updates to gear and tools that I have recommended in my many webinars and workshops on video basics over the last 5 years – keep checking back as […]

24 Types of Stories We All Crave

24 types of marketing stories we crave

24 Types of Marketing Content (aka Stories) That We All Crave and React To Content – substitute the word ‘story’ and you can see how so much of content marketing becomes more applicable and relatable to library promotion. You know your community, your patrons and users, your customers. What will appeal to their emotions, their […]

Why Your Library Should Use Animated Videos in Marketing

20 Reasons Your Library Should Use Animated Videos in Its Marketing   Why should your library use animated videos? Same/similar reasons to do ANY kind of videos for marketing – better engagement, better sharing, boosting time spent on your web pages, better conversions, easy to understand, high visual appeal, etc. You’ve already heard me give […]

Roundup of Free Video Editor Alternatives to MovieMaker

IntelliCraft Research roundup list of free video editors

An Updated List of Free Video Editors: Software Alternatives to Windows MovieMaker Time to update the list of free video editors, because things have changed! I’ve written about video tools before, I include links to apps on my resources and Fave Tools pages, but darn if those software makers don’t keep changing or killing off […]

Keeping Video Viewers Attention

attract hook video viewer attention

Captivate Your Library’s Video Viewing Audience You’re taking the plunge and making more videos to promote your library and its great programs and services. Yay! You’ve gotten past your fears about making a video. You learned some easy ways to get started with video – if you haven’t already. You’ve read up on recommendations for […]

Easy Ways for Your Library to Get Started With Video

5 Easy Ways For Your Library To Get Started With Videos for Marketing – TODAY! So, I’ve told you that video is booming. It’s proving to be a fantastic tool for marketing, for nearly any type of organization, and that includes nonprofits like libraries. I mentioned the stats, the research and that Google LOVES videos. […]

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