24 Types of Stories We All Crave

24 types of marketing stories we crave

24 Types of Marketing Content (aka Stories) That We All Crave and React To

Content – substitute the word ‘story’ and you can see how so much of content marketing becomes more applicable and relatable to library promotion.

You know your community, your patrons and users, your customers. What will appeal to their emotions, their interests and their needs right now? What stories will grab their attention and direct it back to your library or info center? Be sure to be authentic and really deliver on the emotional tug, don’t play up ‘tired’ news or latch on to the latest ‘hype’ just for the sake of short-lived attention.

People want REAL stories. And you – yes, you the library- have them!

  • To take content to next level, make it stand out. Be bold, be visual, be real.
  • Think of this as a way to “give it some ‘seasoning’ with these types.”
  • Also, look online on Twitter and Instagram for #contentwecrave tag.
  • Combine more than one of these themes or types in 1 marketing content piece, video, blog post, social shareable as makes sense.

These 24 types of stories are also perfect for cranking out some engaging library marketing videos.

  1. content that reminds us that life is short
  2. content that reminds us that dreams can come true
  3. content that gives us faith to believe in bigger things
  4. content that reminds us that we matter
  5. that reminds us of the overlooked or forgotten ‘basics’
  6. that has unexpected twists
  7. that tells a story
  8. that takes us along on the/a journey
  9. that inspires us to action
  10. that makes us laugh or smile
  11. that makes us cry (from joy or sadness)
  12. content that reveals secrets
  13. that surprises us
  14. that encourages us to never give up
  15. content that reminds us that we are one-of-a-kind and encourages us to live that way
  16. that reminds us that there’s more
  17. that confirms our assumptions
  18. that challenges our assumptions
  19. that educates while entertaining us
  20. content where David defeats Goliath
  21. that gives us a fresh point of view even about common things
  22. content that makes us more productive or efficient
  23. content that is genuine, makes a connection to reader
  24. content that helps save time, money or other resources

Want more ideas on the stories your library can – and should – be sharing as part of its marketing? I have some video ideas I would like to email you.