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Attention Library Pals – Don’t Make Another Infographic Until You Read This

Don't make another library marketing infographic until you read this post

Why You Should Use Infographics to Tell Your Library’s Stories in Marketing Because numbers and stats are dry, boring, and readers skip right over them. . But a visual story told through numbers and facts, that relate to your audience, that’s powerful. You already have tons of data from your library, now make it work […]

24 Types of Stories We All Crave

24 types of marketing stories we crave

24 Types of Marketing Content (aka Stories) That We All Crave and React To Content – substitute the word ‘story’ and you can see how so much of content marketing becomes more applicable and relatable to library promotion. You know your community, your patrons and users, your customers. What will appeal to their emotions, their […]

9 More Tips For Better Online Writing For Info Pros

Marketing Strategy Starter Session Consult

Top Tips for Easier, Better, Clearer Online Content for Info Pros All organizations – for profit or not for profit – need an online presence and written content is at the heart of this presence. What this means is that you now have to put on your writing hats, even if you’ve never done much […]

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