Presentation on Content Marketing at Library Communications Conference

Jennifer Burke library communications conference content marketing presentation

‘What is Content Marketing + Why Aren’t You Using it?!’ – a presentation at the 2014 Library Communications Conference

IMG_3272I presented again at the Library Communications Conference, held this year in Marlton, NJ. (This is the former ALCOP conference) I love this conference because of how important I feel marketing and communications skills are for librarians … and it’s usually local to Philadelphia!

[UPDATE: sadly after 2014 Kieserman Media stopped producing these library conferences. Good news – library marketing is such an important and growing topic that I and several other presenters, former keynoters and attendees got together to restart and go bigger with a conference on this theme. The LMCC (Library Marketing and Communications Conference) was successfully held the first time in November 2015 and a larger crowd is signed up for the November 2016 edition.]

The topics are very current and cover case studies or example from public, academic and some special libraries, best practices tips, and more in-depth learning guides. It’s impressive that such a ‘cozy’ conference manages multiple tracks and so many quality presentations.  Here’s a link to the entire brochure and list of speakers for 2014.

IMG_3333Content Marketing for Libraries

I am presenting this year on Content Marketing for Libraries – and will be giving reasons why it makes sense to use this strategy for library communications and marketing, how to build a strategy, and the core components. I’ve also created a rather lengthy list of resources on creating, curating and managing content. Tools to help create textual, visual, audio, video and participatory content to all keep your readers, viewers, patrons, donors and users engaged.


discussion during presentation on library content marketing

IMG_3285There were excellent keynotes from  Angela Montefinise of the NYPL Media Center on their work to build public relations and press mentions of key programs, including the #EverybodyReads campaign and Kathy Dempsey of Libraries Are Essential. It was surprising to hear that even the great NYPL doesn’t have a true marketing budget – no advertising budget and limited staff. Granted, they have some tremendous name recognition and brand awareness to start out with! But they are using the same tools and tactics I recommend for even much smaller libraries – building community and driving traffic with social media, building, nurturing and using an email list, and creating content that targets key audiences.

This has become one of my favorite groups and conferences – the core of my tribe! Fellow librarians and marketers – eager to learn how to combine communication skills and other forms of library public awareness. Giving presentations and workshops at events like this confirm I’m on the right path.