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Why Use Content Calendars? Because They’re Strategic Shortcuts

IntelliCraft content calendars post

What’s a Content Calendar? Your shortcut to more strategic marketing content! I’ve taught two webinars recently about content calendars – focusing on what they are, how they can help us set priorities and make marketing work faster and smoother, as well as some of the tools to make these calendars work for you and your […]

Content Curation Should Be Part of Library Marketing

Libraries Are Content Curation Experts and Curation Should Be Part of Your Marketing Efforts Do you remember the art of the mix tape, or mix CD? Did you carefully study your music collection to find just the right song to express your feelings to a new crush? Did you sit by the radio, waiting to […]

What Are the Goals of Content Marketing

what are goals of content marketing soccer goal

Do you know what the goals of content marketing are? Let’s talk about a few tough questions. Questions that get to the fundamentals of content marketing, or really ANY aspect of marketing – questions about goals. Maybe you’ve been intrigued by past posts of mine talking about how content marketing DOES make sense for libraries […]

Greatest Myth of Content Marketing

Do you know the greatest myth, the biggest lie of content marketing? There are PLENTY of myths circulating out there in marketing circles about content marketing. Misinformation, stats that apply too narrowly, ‘success’ that’s wildly over exaggerated, wishful thinking, and just plain confusion. But I think there’s a BIG myth out there, maybe the biggest, […]

Core 4: How to set up for content marketing success

core 4 essentials of content marketing success

The Core 4: The Essentials You Need to Set Up for Successful Library Content Marketing Think of this as a bit of Content Marketing 101 – or maybe given the other content marketing posts I’ve written, this is 201, or for some of you advanced library marketers, take a little mid-term break?! There are a […]

Libraries Should Care About Content Marketing

Yes, Your Library Needs to Care About Content Marketing – Starting Right NOW So, I busted some myths for you and covered what content marketing is – and what it’s not – and I started talking about why this new, improved, here-to-stay kind of marketing is important for your library’s efforts. But I can hear […]

Busting Myths: Does your library know what content marketing is?

busting myths-what is content marketing

Confession Time: Do you and your library colleagues really know what content marketing is, what it’s NOT, and why you should even care??! Let’s bust some old-school marketing myths that may still be swirling around out there in your library. Let’s talk about the type of marketing you MUST be doing to get attention these […]

Which Content Marketing Challenge Will You Pick?

content marketing is sharing your particular expertise

What’s in a Content Marketing Monthly Challenge? We did our prep work. We pre-stretched. We’re hydrated, caffeinated, activated, captivated and hope our work is appreciated. (ok, enough word slamming + jamming) Now we’re ready to get to some serious work and stretching in our marketing. Let’s pick our content marketing challenge for this month! Content […]

Stretch Yourself in Content Marketing Challenge

content marketing challenge stretch like big air skateboard

Am I walking my talk on content marketing or do I need to stretch it further? (is “walk my talk” even a legit phrase?! Well, it’s MINE now!) UPDATE: Time to Stretch Again! Another Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge I found the Stretch Yourself Content Challenge so useful in 2016 that I’ve done several other […]

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