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Why Your Library Should Use Animated Videos in Marketing

20 Reasons Your Library Should Use Animated Videos in Its Marketing   Why should your library use animated videos? Same/similar reasons to do ANY kind of videos for marketing – better engagement, better sharing, boosting time spent on your web pages, better conversions, easy to understand, high visual appeal, etc. You’ve already heard me give […]

Keeping Video Viewers Attention

attract hook video viewer attention

Captivate Your Library’s Video Viewing Audience You’re taking the plunge and making more videos to promote your library and its great programs and services. Yay! You’ve gotten past your fears about making a video. You learned some easy ways to get started with video – if you haven’t already. You’ve read up on recommendations for […]

Beat Your Video Fears

Shake Off Your Fears Over Creating Videos for Your Library Do you have fears when it comes to creating and marketing videos for your library? You are most definitely not alone! Nearly every organization that’s put out a video in the last few years has had teams or individuals who are worried they won’t look […]

Common Video Mistakes

9 common video mistakes post video lights

The 9 Most Common Mistakes in Creating a Video – and How to Avoid Them For Good!   You know by now that your community, your key audience, is watching video all the time.  Video for marketing purposes is hot and getting hotter every day, so it just makes good sense to get your library […]

New Video Software Toys + Tools

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New software toys – I mean tools – for IntelliCraft! I love to find new ways to expand my creativity and what I can offer for clients, especially as Done For You Marketing offerings. I also have a hard time battling Shiny Object Syndrome!  When a good deal on a new tool comes along that […]