Handling the 9 Sneaky Traps Even Smart Library Marketers Face

9 sneaky traps smart marketers face

Tips on How to Handle the 9 Sneaky, Common Traps Even Smart Library Marketers Will Eventually Face In my work, the tons of reading I do, my research on marketing, and my own challenges – I’ve discovered some patterns or common problems that nearly every marketer will encounter at some point. It doesn’t matter how […]

Libraries and Back to School Time

It’s Time to Head Back to School – the Library Missed You! I know, I know, summer reading just barely ended and you’ve been working on/in your library all summer anyway. But fewer hot, humid sticky days, the return of football on my TV and endless flyers, coupons and emails for notebooks, pens and folders […]

My Summer Reading

What’s on My (Belated) Summer Reading List? So it’s late August and I’m only now really diving into some fun summer reading. Why so late? Because I’ve been writing, working, going to conferences, planning conferences, hosting family visits … and because FINALLY, it’s vacation time! With online nicknames like the BookWorm and The InfoHound, plus […]

Libraries Should Care About Content Marketing

Yes, Your Library Needs to Care About Content Marketing – Starting Right NOW So, I busted some myths for you and covered what content marketing is – and what it’s not – and I started talking about why this new, improved, here-to-stay kind of marketing is important for your library’s efforts. But I can hear […]

Busting Myths: Does your library know what content marketing is?

busting myths-what is content marketing

Confession Time: Do you and your library colleagues really know what content marketing is, what it’s NOT, and why you should even care??! Let’s bust some old-school marketing myths that may still be swirling around out there in your library. Let’s talk about the type of marketing you MUST be doing to get attention these […]

26 Reasons to Love Library Marketing (when you know these terms)

26 reasons A to Z to love marketing

Yes, You’ll Have at Least 26 More Reasons to Love Marketing After You Learn These Key Terms Just like there are tons of confusing terms and bits of jargon to in libraries, there are bunches of confusing marketing terms. So I thought I’d do something about that. First, here’s a brief A to Z list […]

Which Content Marketing Challenge Will You Pick?

content marketing is sharing your particular expertise

What’s in a Content Marketing Monthly Challenge? We did our prep work. We pre-stretched. We’re hydrated, caffeinated, activated, captivated and hope our work is appreciated. (ok, enough word slamming + jamming) Now we’re ready to get to some serious work and stretching in our marketing. Let’s pick our content marketing challenge for this month! Content […]

Stretch Yourself in Content Marketing Challenge

content marketing challenge stretch like big air skateboard

Am I walking my talk on content marketing or do I need to stretch it further? (is “walk my talk” even a legit phrase?! Well, it’s MINE now!) UPDATE: Time to Stretch Again! Another Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge I found the Stretch Yourself Content Challenge so useful in 2016 that I’ve done several other […]

How to Get Your Library Into a Marketing Mindset

looking for your marketing mindset

How do you get your library into a marketing mindset? What is marketing, really? Many people say that they hate marketing Maybe because they think marketing is all about paid advertising, like those incessant drug ads on TV (and this from someone whose first career was as an ad exec for a pharma client!). Or […]

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