24 Types of Stories We All Crave

24 types of marketing stories we crave

24 Types of Marketing Content (aka Stories) That We All Crave and React To Content – substitute the word ‘story’ and you can see how so much of content marketing becomes more applicable and relatable to library promotion. You know your community, your patrons and users, your customers. What will appeal to their emotions, their […]

Gathering User Feedback-Polls Quizzes Survey Tools

library marketing research tools feedback surveys questions

How much do we really know about our library users and what they think of our marketing? You can always learn more if you use tools to help you easily create quizzes, polls, or surveys. Then gather feedback you can use to make your marketing and communications efforts better and more on target. The better […]

15 Marketing Miscues and Tactical Errors to Avoid

15 common marketing miscues to avoid

15 Common Marketing Miscues – Are You Making These Audience Mistakes or Tactical Errors ? Plus How to Avoid Them We all make mistakes. The question is, what happens next? It’s often a hard lesson to learn, but the key is to reflect, learn from what didn’t go as planned, and try again. The best […]

LMCC17 Content Strategy Presentation

Burke LMCC17 presentation content strategy don't interrupt

Don’t Interrupt, Attract! How Content Marketing + a Content Strategy Can Be the Powerful ‘Hidden Engine’ of the Marketing Cycle In addition to the planning hats, social media managing, website work, and my new Board role, I was thrilled to be presenting at LMCC17 (Library Marketing and Communications Conference 2017) in the Dallas, TX area. […]

What Are the Goals of Content Marketing

what are goals of content marketing soccer goal

Do you know what the goals of content marketing are? Let’s talk about a few tough questions. Questions that get to the fundamentals of content marketing, or really ANY aspect of marketing – questions about goals. Maybe you’ve been intrigued by past posts of mine talking about how content marketing DOES make sense for libraries […]

Greatest Myth of Content Marketing

Do you know the greatest myth, the biggest lie of content marketing? There are PLENTY of myths circulating out there in marketing circles about content marketing. Misinformation, stats that apply too narrowly, ‘success’ that’s wildly over exaggerated, wishful thinking, and just plain confusion. But I think there’s a BIG myth out there, maybe the biggest, […]

Why Your Library Should Use Animated Videos in Marketing

20 Reasons Your Library Should Use Animated Videos in Its Marketing   Why should your library use animated videos? Same/similar reasons to do ANY kind of videos for marketing – better engagement, better sharing, boosting time spent on your web pages, better conversions, easy to understand, high visual appeal, etc. You’ve already heard me give […]

LMCC17 Presentations on Marketing

Will I See YOU At LMCC17 In November?! Excited To Be Speaking on Marketing During Two Sessions at LMCC17 (Library Marketing and Communications Conference) This Fall I was already going to be at the Library Marketing and Communications Conference in the Dallas area in mid November because of my extensive planning roles with the conference, […]

Roundup of Free Video Editor Alternatives to MovieMaker

IntelliCraft Research roundup list of free video editors

An Updated List of Free Video Editors: Software Alternatives to Windows MovieMaker Time to update the list of free video editors, because things have changed! I’ve written about video tools before, I include links to apps on my resources and Fave Tools pages, but darn if those software makers don’t keep changing or killing off […]

More Library Social Media Engagement

library social media engagement not about crowds of followers

Want More Social Media Engagement for Your Library? Do This! Social Media is NOT a Numbers Game Have you been hearing (or even quietly hoping) that the more followers you get, the more conversations you start, the more likes, shares, hearts, retweets or whatevers, that the more your social media work will pay off? Thinking […]

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